Our core focus is to guide and solve complex real estate challenges for each of our client's unique visions. DaVinci Development believes that with vision, buildings, and the spaces they create have the power to help communities thrive today – and flourish tomorrow.

We guide clients on a proven, customizable process to turn ideas into market-based strategies through our Development Advisory and our Development Management services to consistently deliver projects on time and budget.

DaVinci Development's boutique size and team resources enable us to provide principal-driven, personalized services to undertake and complete each unique project successfully. We offer a platform for project success where challenges are not only addressed but overcome, and voices are heard and respected.

Core Competencies

Our collaborative approach allows us to offer support to our clients from inception to strategy to implementation. Competencies include:

Creating value for clients and communities

We help our clients realize value from their assets by defining a unique vision for each development that maximizes success for the project and the community it serves. Our effective process ensures the project's goals are articulated and poised to translate vision into value. We believe stakeholder and community engagement are essential to ensure that each project incorporates input from all vested parties.

Enabling developments that are catalysts for change

Our clients' unique projects become a catalyst for change, fueling both private and public sector investment and growth, all combining to create a better place for people to live. While we are equally comfortable working in private and public sectors – we thrive in public-private partnerships and delight in what can be accomplished by collaborative efforts.

Delivering an execution strategy

By delivering an executable approach that is grounded in market realities, we unlock value for our clients and their communities. Together, we create mission-driven, dynamic, and transformative places. We view and craft execution strategies for project success through a unique filter because of our developer's perspective – and our management services can expertly manage the project's delivery.

Development Management Services

Delivering the pre-development details for project success

DaVinci Development helps realize a project’s vision and delivers the details by developing an understanding of our client’s goals and objectives and implementing them through the actions of a well-managed experienced team.

We manage each phase of a project by seeking input, directing activities, providing information, communicating responsibilities, resolving problems, and providing financial analysis documenting results.

DaVinci Development brings a measured approach to Development Management by using a rigorous phase-gate process, called the Investment Check Point (ICP) Process, to identify and mitigate risk.

Our client’s visions and objectives are intertwined with the project’s overall timing, market dynamics and funding goals and is where we designate the progression of activities of the development leading up to approval and through construction. This proven process motivates, guides, and integrates the work of the entire team, providing structure to creative collaboration with our clients and their mission goals.

Development Management Process

DaVinci Development's ICP Process

Pre-Development Guidance 01

  • Project vision, goals & objectives
  • Location analysis & site selection
  • Site and/or building due diligence
  • Team assembly & coordination
  • Preliminary control schedule
  • Preliminary control budget
  • Capital formation strategy
  • Financial & operational feasibility
  • Assist in creating governance structure
  • Infrastructure requirements & coordination
  • Zoning & entitlements
  • Project communications

Design Management 02

  • Design team selection & leadership
  • Negotiated contractor selection
  • Refine preliminary control budget & schedule
  • Negotiation of contracts & contract forms
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Value analysis
  • Sustainable guidelines
  • Subcontractor & supplier selection
  • Execute construction contract
  • Final program budget
  • Audit procedures
  • Project communications

Construction Management 03

  • Pre-Construction to construction transition
  • Construction budget
  • Construction schedule
  • Contractor work activity
  • Schedule & budget tracking
  • Quality assurance & control
  • Value analysis
  • Certificates, permits & licenses
  • Insurance/risk management plan
  • Accounting & recordkeeping
  • Communications, reporting & conflict resolution
  • FF&E procurement & coordination

Occupancy & Closeout 04

  • FF&E installation
  • Punch lists
  • Project Completion
  • Orientation meetings
  • Close out documents
  • Project notebook
  • Project & operating procedures
  • Project warranties & training
  • Certificates of Occupancy
  • Post-occupancy evaluation

Development Management Services

  • Owner's Representative
  • Project Management
  • Program Development
  • Business Case Justification
  • Financial Strategies
  • Entitlements & Site Analysis
  • Team Assembly & Coordination
  • Capital Improvements Strategy
  • Cost & Risk Management
  • Design Oversight
  • Value Engineering
  • Budget & Schedule Management
  • Construction Oversight
  • Change Management
  • Vendor Sourcing & Contracting
  • Commissioning
  • Furniture & Specialty Procurement
  • FFE Warehousing & Installation
  • Integrated Building Technology
  • Move Management

Development Advisory Services

Delivering the pre-development details for project success

Our development advisory activities center around DaVinci Development's proven five-step pre-development process designed to lead clients from an idea to an executable strategy that will realize their project's vision:

Development Advisory Process


Project Understanding 01
Learn the site, identify potential opportunities & challenges, and form a preliminary project schedule


Stakeholder Engagement 02
Identify and engage key stakeholders and public-private partnerships


Project Vision 03
Determine the project's mission, vision, objectives, and high-level project budget


Alternate Approaches 04
Conduct market studies, visit concepts and test new scenarios with stakeholders


Best Use 05
Move forward with a project timeline and find partners to move the project to fruition

Development Advisory Services

  • Define Project Mission & Objectives
  • Team identification & Assembly
  • Manage Scope, Work Product, Budget & Schedule
  • Develop Public-Private Partnership Strategies
  • Site Selection & Due Diligence
  • Create Preliminary Control Budget & Schedule
  • Identify Potential Development Issues
  • Market Studies & Analysis
  • Financial Feasibility Studies & Pro Formas
  • Evaluate Potential Opportunities & Returns
  • Create Operating Models for Highest & Best Use
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Advise on Marketing, Communications & Fundraising Strategies
  • Create Execution Strategy
  • Conduct Solicitation for Master Developer
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Support Regulatory Approvals & Permitting Process
  • Developer Liaison

"Learning never exhausts the mind."

- Leonardo da Vinci

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